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Welome! My name is Nicola Cairncross and I've been earning a full time living online for 22+ years now. Since starting "Own It The Podcast" with Judith Morgan two years ago, we've both been moving towards becoming location independent in our businesses and now I live in Greece for most of the year, while Judith is moving to live in the Caribbean shortly. 

We thought it would be a great idea to interview some of the most successful virtual business owners we know and find out their stories, how they got started with the laptop lifestyle and what it's REALLY like to be totally free to live where you like - warts and all!

It's called The Laptop Lifestyle Mega Summit and it brings together 18 audio sessions of the most successful "laptop lifestyle" business owners for a two-day journey through every aspect of living and working overseas.


Engage with successful "location independent" virtual business owners who will transform the way you think about business AND your life sharing not only their business models and their "no holds barred" stories of travel, adventure and what it's really like live and work with your spouse 24/7/365.


Founder & CEO 

James was a high earner as the General Manager at a Mercedes Benz dealership but when he saw the astronomical earnings of his customers he recognised that they were all owners of their own businesses, so he set out to do that himself. He wanted no cap on his own earnings and where the day of the week and the 9-5 became irrelevant.  

It took James 6-9 months to achieve his first online sale of $49.25. But over the next 2.5 years he took that up to a level where it matched his income from the day job so he could quit and free up 70+ hours a week. The crucial turning point came when he invested in training in the States, which is a pretty costly investment travelling from Australia. He sat next to people making $100,000 a day online and that opened his eyes still wider to what was possible.  

Today the things which matter to James Schramko are surfing, living a life without being a slave to devices, achieving fitness and great health, feeling rested and prepared for whatever life brings and especially that his life allows plenty of time and space for thinking and visioning.


Founder & CEO

Jo started online in 2010 and describes herself as the greenest of green back then with a couple of hilarious examples. But she learned fast and by 2011 she made $117,000 in her first launch of her social network academy (first iteration)) all done from a webinar in her Mum’s lounge in Bracklesham Bay!  

Now Jo and family live in Phuket but Jo knows they are not far away from putting down some more permanent roots, so her daughter can go to school and have a bedroom she can paint and a dog. Their travels all started with just six weeks house-sitting for Daniel Wagner in Cyprus after selling all their worldly goods for just £900!  

She told us about the mentors she’d met and studied with but how inspirational she found it to hear Brian Tracy speak live in San Diego and how the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and how everything changed from that point. After her Brian Tracy moment, Jo’s ambition became to electrify and inspire like him and I thought she did that today in our interview – and then some. Welcome to another passionate business owner!


Founder & CEO

Yaro Starak has been blogging for sixteen years. Wow! He started blogging to get traffic and he turned that into an online education business and our conversation with him revolved around income -v- passion. He’s passionate about his business of writing, coaching and educating but it is vital for him that his work flows with his own natural rhythms .  

In 2008 he undertook a mammoth tour of the world and visited 26 cities which he describes as too many. More recently he’s undertaken a much more gentle itinerary of short hops travelling from Melbourne through Asia, Tokyo and Hong Kong to California and eventually to Canada – “for a change”.  

Yaro loves his work and he has travelled widely but he also likes to settle and have a home base. His portable business lets him choose between one and the other with ease. The benefits of being in Toronto are that it is closer to events he might like to attend in USA and Europe. He even said he would enjoy a longish trip to the UK too, perhaps Scotland.  

His business allows him to live wherever he wants whenever he chooses, the very definition of the freedom we all desire surely?



Emma and Carla Papas, a.k.a. The Merrymaker Sisters, are 28 and 25 and they started their business at home in Canberra, Australia, in 2012 while they still had good, secure, high-paying jobs with the government.  

Struggling with body-image issues and obsessed by going to the gym and calories and food, they hit upon the idea of giving up all processed food for 4 weeks. It changed their lives and led to them being able to give up their day jobs in mid 2014 and to a business which started by recipe-sharing but is now so much more.  

As a direct result of changing what they eat, how they move and what they think, their lives are joyful and that’s the message they share with their tribe through two books, a 2-level membership site and more recently a podcast. 

Their overall Merrymaker mission is to make the world a happier, healthier place and they have lots of wonderful soundbites like “less stuff, more life”. They are a couple of inspiro-girls and we are particularly happy to have them as part of our Summit to inspire our younger listeners that anything is possible if you just start sharing your passions online


Founder & CEO

Michelle took us from her lowest ebb when she lost literally everything except the clothes she stood up in, including her husband at the time who scarpered with it all in a van leaving her only her passport. From there she decided to go and live in Egypt, putting her house on the market and quitting her job the very next day – against all advice. She took no notice and she’s never looked back.  

After Egypt came France, Spain, Italy and Greece where they now have a base on Crete because Greece is their favourite place so far. She left school at 16 and has taught herself everything she needs to know and her business has grown to $20,000 a month from zero. She’s a Type A personality and very determined – she gave us some great tips for a working life on the move.  

En route Michelle has acquired a lovely Californian husband and three children and she’s still only 35. They are an all-year sunshine type of family and upcoming travel plans include India, the Himalayas and a safari. Michelle explains her worldview that everything is possible and the world’s full of abundance, now there’s a woman after our own hearts. She left us with an firm instruction to trust our instincts.


Entrepreneur & Author

"The Coffee Boys"

John Richardson got his start opening a sandwich bar with a friend in Northern Ireland, where he still lives part-time. The business grew rapidly to the point where when he was 28, the business was making 7,000-8,000 sandwiches a day, the biggest in NI, and then when he was 29 he found himself “on the streets”.  

From there he created a fish and chip shop which, again, he wanted to be the very best in Ireland. They worked hard at this business and sold it well. This led to other businesses – a restaurant, a bar, domain names during the internet gold rush until he consolidated everything he’d learned into a garden centre and particularly coffee shops in garden centres.  

In the year of his 40th birthday, John challenged himself to go from being “a messer” at sport to break par within a year at golf, deemed to be impossible . He wrote the best-selling book on the topic and told us it was rejected by 83 publishers before he got a deal, and how the book is becoming a film and all the trials and tribulations involved in that.  

He loves to be with people, and he’s found the way to incorporate all of his passions into his current business projects.


Traffic & Copywriting Agency

Justin & Chaunna Brooke were in Bali, next stop Australia. Their travels began with a road trip across the States and then they went to Japan en route to Bali.  

Justin described himself as a man who quit his job far too early but they have gone on to create businesses together as mastermind partners, his is a digital ad agency and hers is an advertorial writing service.  

We discussed being digital nomads, how to manage working with people all over the world in different time zones and adapting their businesses to suit their life plans. Justin and Chaunna say they are forever changed by their travels and they don’t want to change back. You find yourself on your travels, they say. We talked about their favourite tools for working as they travel and I especially loved their advice not to let our fears hinder our adventures. Their travel has obliged them to become better business owners with improved systems.  

These two have a great sense of humour and we enjoyed many lots of laughs with them both.


Founder & CEO

Jacqueline left a career in corporate training and she knew she had always been entrepreneurial, she loves business and wanted to set up her own. The Athena Network was the networking group Jacqueline would have joined if it already existed. It did not, so she created it. And today it wins awards, has 32 franchises and 132 women-only networking group sin the UK, each serving 12-20 members.  

She tells us about the hard work it took over a decade to get to that position and the love for her creation shines through. But in 2008 it brought her low with chest pains from stress. She didn’t want her family’s abiding memory to be of her hunched over a laptop, so from that point onwards she redesigned the business to support her life in a healthier way.  

Jacqueline is a grandmother to three girls and she talks about enriching their lives, teaching them about choice, and about the possibility of them growing up to take over Athena even though she has no plans to retire, rather to travel more and continue to learn. She plans adventures to Hawaii and to Santorini where – have laptop, will travel – she can make some training videos for the business.  

Listen to Jacqueline’s passion as she talks for a full half hour about the road to making The Athena Network what it is today, the UK’s premier network for women business owners

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Here's the agenda showing the time and day that the speakers are appearing. 


0900: James Schramko

1000: Jo Barnes

1100: Yaro Starak

1200: MerryMaker Sisters

1300: Michelle Dale

1400: John Richardson 

1500: Justin & Chaunna Brooke

1600: Jacqueline Rogers

1700: Chris Barrow


0900: Michael & Kayla Stephenson  

1000: James Roche  

1100: Veronica Pullen

1200: Nicola Bird

1300: Neil Asher

1400: Yvonne Halling  

1500: Neil Stafford

1600: Lucy Whittington

1700: The Sundance Family

** Some speakers may run over by a couple of minutes only